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Can Diet Fiber Reverse Polyps?

I asked readers and contributors to provide short personal accounts of their experience with gastrointestinal disease, and then pose a question for a healthcare professional. Here is one perspective.

My problem started with frequent constipation. I would go for almost a week without having a bowel movement. All the while, a continuous pain kept on nagging me very severely on my right lower abdominal quadrant. I would sit on the toilet for at least three hours before I could release a piece of hard, stony stool. Finally, one morning, after days without having a bowel movement, I delivered a stream of black blood with a tiny piece of stony stool.

Since that experience, removing refined products from my diet and understanding how the fiber content of my food is important to maintain my large intestine in a healthy state, is what saved me, after God. Can diet fiber reverse polyps?

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