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Can Good Advice on Diet Be Followed to Excess?

I asked readers and contributors to provide short personal accounts of their experience with gastrointestinal disease, and then pose a question for a healthcare professional. Here is one perspective.

For several years now, my husband and I have followed what we thought was a very healthy diet plan: low on red meat, high in fish, fiber, whole grains, brown rice, vegetables, greens, and fresh fruit. So, when he spent a couple days doubled-over with pain recently, we were worried.

Three days in the hospital, massive doses of antibiotic and IV liquids, and a diagnosis of acute diverticulitis was a surprise. And the recommendation to follow an extremely low-fiber diet for approximately two weeks was a shock. Then, the advice was: Watch the seeds, whole grains, fiber, and fresh fruits.

Upcoming: a colonoscopy. Possibility: surgery to remove a part of the colon. We are confused, but determined to avoid surgery, if at all possible. Did we overdo a good thing? Is it possible to eat too much fiber, too much whole grain, and too many vegetables?

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