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Diet Foods I’ll Never Eat After Losing Weight

I’m on a mission to lose 100 pounds gained from antidepressants and postpartum depression. So far, I’ve shaved off nearly 70 pounds (feel free to cheer!) To lose weight, I’ve obviously had to greatly amend my food intake. Some diet switches were easy and painless. I’ll keep eating even after I lose all the weight. Others I won’t touch ever again! Here’s my list of worst diet foods.

Diet salad dressing: Yuck and double yuck. I know I need some oil on my salad to make it digest better, or I would skip it altogether. And salad dressing does improve the taste. But most commercial reduced-fat dressings are acrid and bitter-tasting. On a maintenance diet, I’ll go back to eating the Marie’s Bleu Cheese I love, but I’ll use a lot less.

Tofu: I’m sorry, I know it’s good for me, but I don’t like tofu–not cooked, sautéed or raw. When I’m done dieting, I’m nixing tofu. I will continue to drink soy milk–I actually like the taste better than regular milk.

Diet sweeteners, syrup and jelly: While dieting, my solution is to avoid these almost completely. I use blue agave syrup or honey. Low-calorie artificial sweeteners like Splenda taste metallic and have a chemical after-taste. I’m going to add regular syrup for some things, but I’ll probably still skip jam and jelly.

Protein powder: No way, no how I’m going to keep using this when the weight’s off. I’ve tried every brand, every flavor and they all taste like wallpaper paste flavored with fruit lip gloss. I’m switching to kinds that taste better, even if they do have more calories.

Diet Foods I’ll Keep Eating: I’m used to fat free milk and yogurt and like them better than regular. Diet bread (35 calories a slice) is just as filling. Light butter and margarine, especially Olivo, Smart Balance and yogurt margarine are just as good. I’ll keep eating South Beach Diet 120-calorie fiber bars, too.

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