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How to Start a Ketogenic(Low Carb) Diet

If your interested in weight loss and muscle gain, then you must of heard by now about the Low Carb(Ketogenic) diet. The key steps to following and making the best use of this diet is you guessed it, limiting your intake of carbohydrates to a minimal level. Although there are numerous ways of incorporating this diet into your lifestyle I’ll give you an easy and somewhat painless way of starting your first two weeks.

First of all is the carb limit that you’re going to place yourself, some diets recommend doing 100 carbs a day, 60 or even 20, However for your first two weeks I’m going to recommend setting a 40-55 Carb limit because it is your first time starting something that your body more than likely is not used too.

Eats, now here’s the somewhat fun part of this diet, the trick is too not eat wheats and cereals like oatmeal, rice, bread… you know the side foods you have with your main dish. However you can eat a good proportion of protein and fats as you need, the same amount as you did before in fact. Meats like sliced Turkey and Ham, boneless skinless Chicken, Beef, Salmon, and many other meats. For other foods too keep it interesting there is certain beans, pistachios, and Avocados.

As for the drinks you’re going to try and stay away from sugars, so what I did was i had half a glass of whatever fruit juice i liked in the morning, mixed with water to give it a more filling feel. So your main drink of choice here is going to be water, however you can still drink coffee and tea, as long as you do not add those carbs (Sugar). A special note to make is that although you wouldn’t be able to drink sodas you can have zero calorie sodas like coke zero, and Pepsi max.

Ok here’s how my days went for the first two weeks. In the morning (6PM) i had 2 boiled eggs and 3 if i was strength training at noon, with 2 pieces of turkey and 1 piece of ham, sliced. I would then have either a half glass of V8 fusion, orange juice, or cranberry juice mixed with water. At lunchtime i would opt to have 3 pieces of ham or turkey, plus a handful of nuts like pistachios or cashews, with that I would drink either water or zero calorie soda, depending on what my mood was.

For dinner i would have steak, salmon, or roast beef, with avocado and leafy greens like romaine lettuce with a low carb dressing like caesar or a vinaigrette. Then I would have a glass of zero calorie soda as a treat for the day.

As you can see the key to starting a Ketogenic diet is too take your time and take it slow, don't be afraid if you feel full as opposed to other diets after eating, and even though you may feel strange at first as if you’re not even dieting i promise you results at the end of your week. Furthermore go ahead and cheat a little bit, a piece of bacon here and there (although high in bad fat) won't ruin your diet and might be that thing that gets you by. What I’m trying to say is the key to success with any diet is just stick with it and try to have fun, and remember too couple it with a little bit of low intensity cardio and weight training.

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