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Ketosis diet 50lb in 50 days

Please note: The ketosis diet experiment is in no way condoned as healthy. As with all diets please consult your doctor before starting. I am of the opinion ketosis dieting is not unhealthy but you need to form your own opinion.

In 2000 I had a major motor vehicle accident which left me using an electric wheelchair and ballooning weight. When I got to the largest pants size of 50� waistline I could buy off the rack I decided my New Year�s resolution in three days would be to have significant weight loss.

I had read a lot about ketosis with Atkins, Zone and South Beach diets all using ketosis as their basis for losing weight but I wanted to know how much weight one could lose in twelve months staying in a state of ketosis. High protein low carbohydrate diets are all the rage but I decided a no carb diet would be a better way as till this day I have not been able to find any reason why the human body needs carbohydrates. So at the beginning of last year I ran the ketosis diet experiment for twelve months hoping for significant weight loss.

By being in a power chair the experiment would be a controlled in that my exercise level was a constant zero so any weight loss could be attributed directly to the state ketosis I would be in. Also as it�s quite difficult cooking I limited my protein to meat only as it was the simplest for me to cook so I basically ate the same thing day in day out staying with only eating protein during eighty percent of the experiment time-frame.

I had great success with weight loss but a whole range of other benefits can be attributed to ketosis like how it changed my thinking on food, how it left me with no sagging skin even with no exercise and how little we humans need to eat. I now feel carbohydrates are the most addictive substance in on planet earth as the tiniest amount of carbs trigger a desire to eat more carbohydrates whereas eating protein triggered a desire to eat less once transformed fully into a state of ketosis.

I hope you find the compiled information helpful in your quest to lose weight.

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