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Ketosis smell

What is the ketosis smell? Human body odor is derived from how we fuel our bodies. Looking at motor vehicles as an example some vehicles are fueled by petrol some by diesel, these fuels produce different smells at the exhaust. Once in a state of ketosis your body is now fueled by ketones derived from body fat whereas previously you fueled your body with glucose derived from carbohydrates. It is the difference in your body’s fuel source that produces the different body odor.

The odor produced is a sweet and slightly pungent odor. It differs from a glucose derived body odor in that it is nowhere near as pungent or as take your breath away overpowering. Ketone derived body odor varies in strength depending whether you are in high, middle or mild ketosis. I found the smell varied with how strictly a stuck to a no carb diet as if I only ate protein to only not be hungry, minimal protein, I found the smell to be at its strongest, if I ate more protein than I needed to satisfy my hunger then the smell was in middle range whereas as soon as any carbohydrate was included in my diet the smell dropped to a very mild state.

A word of warning I found the strongest smell very addictive as I knew when I smelt the strongest smell I was losing weight fast but with a moderate smell came moderate weight loss and with mild smell my weight stayed steady. There is a lesson more than the obvious high smell fast weight loss and that is once you have lost your desired amount of weight you can still stay fueling your body with ketones maintaining a mild ketosis smell by eating a few carbohydrates to keep your weight steady.

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