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My Personal Keto Diet Story for Weight Loss

Keto diet or Ketogenic diet is a high fat, adequate protein, low carb diet. This type of diet is primarily used in medicine to treat children with epilepsy but in adults with similar diets have proven to have effective weight loss. By consuming low carb and high fat, your body is forcing your liver to burn the fatty acids instead of glucose for energy. Me and my husband have been roughly following this diet for 2-3 months and have seen considerable improvements in our health/weight.

My husband was diagnosed with high cholesterol during his routine health check. He had cholesterol level of 290 which is way above the high range. He also has hyperthyroidism which is known to cause high cholesterols. Our physician recommended he go on immediate medication to reduce cholesterol but we were skeptical since we have heard stories of people who once go on cholesterol medication, cannot go back without medication and would be hooked on it forever. So we wanted to try to reduce the cholesterol levels by diet and exercise.

We didn't follow the strict Keto diet but had a personal diet plan. We omitted starchy foods completely such as rice and pasta and potatoes. Instead, we increased intake of protein by increasing consumption of lean meats and beans and corn. By increasing protein intake, we minimize the chance of losing muscle during the diet plan.

We used lots of avocado for good fat and stuck to lean meats and chicken and turkey for the fat intake. Our typical meal would be like – for breakfast, we have a bowl of oats. We had one glass of milk and some form of fruit. Occasionally we had bacon too. For lunch, it was mostly salad or sandwiches with high protein such as chicken salad or bean salad. I try to avoid breads as much as possible since it has carbs.

Along with a strict diet plan, I did a regular 30 minute cardio exercise whenever possible during a week, at least three times a week. Sticking to this diet plan, it enabled us to drop 10 pounds by end of two months and my husband's cholesterol levels dropped considerably to safer levels. I am glad we were able to apply and stick to Keto diet for healthier lifestyle. Even now, though we may not be entirely on Keto diet all the time, we still roughly follow this where we reduce carb intake and increase fat/protein intake as much as possible.

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