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Raspberry Ketone Diet Craze Review

The never-ending search for the perfect weight loss solution continues. I initially didn't buy into the raspberry ketone craze when it first debuted. However, over time and after watching it on many tv shows my curiosity grew. I finally broke down 2 weeks ago and purchased one of the many raspberry ketone products available on the market.

The brand I purchased is Applied Nutrition's Raspberry Ketones Lipo-Metabolic burner. The directions state to take 2 capsules per day with a meal. The primary supplemental facts or ingredients are Lipo-metabolic blend which is a blend of green tea extract and CLA, and raspberry ketones. There are usage warnings so read and pay attention to those when reading the instructions and labels.

So, here is my review on the raspberry ketone miracle diet. It seems to be working! I have taken the pills for 2 weeks now and have lost about 4 pounds. The first week I followed the directions and took 2 pills at once. I found myself getting very hungry around 3 p.m. so on my second week split the pills up over the day. I took one with breakfast and one with lunch and that worked much better and I didn't get nearly as hungry. This brand of raspberry ketones seems to be a great appetite suppressant. I don't even have cravings when taking them which has been great. I do exercise 4-5 times a week for an hour a day, but I had plateaued which is what sent me on a search for something new that could help me overcome being stuck at the same weight.

I am pleased with the results although they don't seem to happen as fast as some of the testimonials I have read, but it is working. I will continue to finish the 20 day supply and see where I land on total pounds lost. Look for an update from me in about 10 days.

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