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Spring Clean Your Diet

Winters chills are slowly changing to longer warmer days as the season changes to spring. Your lifestyle changes you promised yourself as the New Year started may have fallen by the wayside. Spring clean your diet can help you lose the pounds as you lose the sweaters and jog pants in favor of shorts and t-shirts.

Spring clean your diet means getting rid of the junk and comfort foods we turn to when the weather is cold wet and miserable. So hide the stew pot at the back of the cupboard and bring out the wok. Replace the stogie stew and dumplings for a healthy stir fry of vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and water chestnuts, throw in a few bean sprouts, stir in a splash of soy sauce and enjoy the crunch. Eat on its own for lunch or add lean beef or chicken for a healthy dinner.

Salads have a crisp clean taste, so refreshing on the palette, instead of deep fried food. Crunching away on those crisp vegetables will be beneficial to your teeth and gums. Salads don't always need dressings, such as mayo or ranch, serve them nude occasionally and enjoy the true taste of the vegetables.

Fruits the healthy dessert and snack food in a rainbow of colors and textures, you don't need skittles, for a fruity tang.

Fresh fruit is full of vitamins and fiber, essential nutrients for our bodies. Tinned and frozen fruit should be included to, use for desserts or snacks. Swirl up a delicious smoothie in the blender with blackberries, raspberries and low fat yogurt for a tasty breakfast.

Spring clean your cupboard and empty the cookie jar. Refill with bags of dried apples or pears. Have snack bags of nuts, dried fruits and seeds.

Toss in the trash your left over packets of candies check your pockets and the car for hidden treasure (chocolate and candy) try breath mints or gum.

The refrigerator needs a spring clean to. Throw out any leftovers that are lurking, they are just that, leftover food that will add pounds. Reduce the amount of food you cook, and your portions size to lose a few pounds.

Develop you taste for healthy food but reducing sugar, salt and fat in your diet. Enjoy the natural taste and you will soon feel the benefit on your waistline.

Take up a hobby to keep you hands busy and full, knitting, painting, gardening. If your hands are full you can't put food in your mouth, keeping occupied helps take away the boredom munchies.

Spring clean your diet is all about making the most of the new season food and re-evaluating what you put in your mouth.

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