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The Negative Calorie Diet: A Popular Diet

Every person on Earth tries his or her best to look attractive. To look attractive, a great body with the right curves is necessary. Some people are naturally endowed with shapely bodies, while others are out of shape even after trying their best. These people are always on the lookout for diets that will magically make them look attractive. Most of the diets do not work for most people or need too many sacrifices. The Negative-Calorie Diet is a popular diet that claims to work wonders for your body without much effort.

Scientists refute this claim saying that the theory propounded for the diet does not hold good. They refuse to accept that some foods have negative calories. But people who have used this diet program and lost weight certify to its usefulness. The diet is based on the principles that our body burn calories to digest foods. Though these foods bring in more calories, some foods need much more calories than they themselves have, for digestion. This diet works well for those having good metabolism. The success and popularity of this diet is due to its unrestraint on food intake. You need not put in any extra effort to follow this diet. You may eat foods having more vitamins and minerals.

Negative-calorie foods are cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, asparagus, orange, tangerine, lemon mango, apple, strawberry, etc. The specialty about negative-calorie foods is that they contain more vitamins and minerals which require more calories than those present in it to digest it. This will result in the body using up the reserve calories already preset in the body. Burning up calories leads to weight loss.

Negative calorie diet requires that the foods be eaten raw without cooking. Also, there should be no additives like, sugar, oil or butter that will add calories to the food, changing its negative calorie status. The only restriction is to eat only fruits and vegetables.

The success of negative-calorie foods depends on the metabolism rate of your body, the faster the better. The negative-calorie foods makes the body work harder to process the foods eaten, resulting in burning the stored calories in the body. This will happen only if you have a fast metabolism rate.

Negative-calorie diet has two advantages – it promotes healthy eating of fruits and vegetables in the raw state. It creates a calorie deficiency in the body, which is good for weight loss. Any good healthy diet will recommend eating raw fruits and vegetables. So doing this is not going to harm you. You can combine this diet with any other similar diet for a better effect.

Negative-Calorie diet recommends the calorie intake as per any healthy diet program, which is around 1200 calories per day. This is required to keep the body functioning smoothly without any trouble. Other diets, which restrict calorie intake, lead to an unhealthy body with low metabolism.

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