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The Origin of Raspberry Ketones

Recently, a raspberry ketone craze has taken over America. Anytime a new supplement that can reportedly assist in weight loss comes onto the scene, people are always eager to experiment and certainly waste no time in doing so. Raspberry ketones, a prominent compound found in red raspberries, is supposedly an innovative solution to the weight loss struggle. Now you’re probably wondering, how exactly does this supplement contribute to weight loss?

According to Dr. Sarah Kahn, raspberry ketone certainly has the potential to aid in significant weight loss. She explains that the supplement has the ability to work in two possible ways. The first way involves upping your metabolism, which promotes a more rapid burning of fat and calories. She states that raspberry ketones “increase your metabolism by increasing the release of a hormone called norepinephrine”

Dr Kahn explains that the functioning of the metabolism is generally controlled by the thyroid (she also reminds us that February is National Thyroid Health Month). So those with thyroid-related issues can benefit from such a product. The second component of this supplement involves a protein-related hormone called adiponectin. However, Dr Kahn also stressed the importance of taking necessary precautions with any dietary supplement. This product specifically, involves your thyroid and has the potential (although the chances may be slim) to negatively effect it. Dr Kahn states that adiponection can be located in fat cells and works to dramatically lower glucose levels, which she mentions showed immense weight loss when tested on mice.

Dr Oz is a beloved and popular host who first gained attention on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He has continued to remain popular and appreciated by Americans for his helpful hints, suggestions and introduction of new products on his own show, The Dr Oz Show. Dr Oz recently called raspberry ketones as a “miracle fat burner” on his show and this sparked a nationwide obsession with the product.

Dr Oz explained how the supplement is more efficient than simply eating raspberries. He described how the amount needed for success would involve simply taking the supplement a few times a day as opposed to eating approximately 90 pounds of berries to see the same results. Dr Oz also supports the fact that the supplement works as a result of the two different hormones. Dr Oz also claims this “miracle fat burner” has zero side effects.

Clearly, it’s easy to see why so many people have become obsessed with raspberry ketones.

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