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Watch Out for Diet Pills

Weight loss is an important topic to many in the U.S. Many of us are overweight and looking for a simple, fast solution to the problem. That makes the diet industry very happy, but it doesn’t always end up making us happy. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Good

Caffeine: Used appropriately, caffeine could help in the weight loss battle. Used inappropriately it could cause more harm than good. Ask your doctor and/or pharmacist if caffeine is safe and follow package instructions.

Hoodia: One study indicates that this may help reduce appetite. It may also reduce thirst, which could be a problem. If you choose this supplement, make sure you remain hydrated.

The Bad

Fakes: Some diet pills don’t contain what they claim. The problem with hoodia seems to be stabilizing, but it is unlikely to be an isolated case. Make sure you purchase your supplements from a reputable establishment.

Unlabeled Ingredients: Several times a month, the FDA puts out a recall on various supplements and medications. The most recent was a product that contained several prescription drugs, few of which actually effected weight loss. These ingredients could interact with other supplements or medications.

Ephedra: There is a lot of controversy over this supplement. It can help people lose weight in two ways. One of the ways is while the person is still alive and the other because the person died after taking it. It’s like Russian roulette in a bottle. Whether or not it’s banned, I don’t recommend taking it.

The Truth about Weight Loss

Diet pills may help, but the only way anyone is going to lose weight is if they watch what they eat and exercise. Depending on a pill is not going to resolve the problem. We have to take control, make the time and act.

The best bet is to go to the doctor to find out what you can safely do for exercise. After that, go to a nutritionist to set up a healthy diet. Once you’ve taken those steps, follow through. That’s the bottom line.

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