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Weight Loss With the Common Sense Diet

I am one of many people who use the winter months and holidays to eat, exercise little and gain weight. When outdoor temperatures change, I suddenly notice that my favorite bathing suits and summer clothing no longer fits. Instead of running to a gym or trying yet another fad diet, I decided to give the Common Sense Diet a try. I found that it works beautifully; so far I've lost 15 pounds, and I look better and feel great.

The Common Sense Diet doesn't involve depriving me of food. Deprivation makes a person think about the restricted food to the point that the person gorges on it, then winds up feeling guilt-ridden about it.

One of the key components of this diet is not focusing or obsessing about losing weight, but instead maintaining a healthy diet and increasing exercise. Weight loss, higher energy and smaller clothing sizes will follow.

Step One

I began by concentrating strictly on my diet. I added fruits and vegetables every day while cutting back on junk food. I haven't eliminated burgers, fries, ice cream and so on, but instead eat far less of it.

Step Two

Instead of soda or sugary tea, I increased my water consumption to a half-gallon or more per day. If I want flavor, I'll toss a lemon or other fruit into it. After a week of water, sodas didn't taste good any more- too sugary.

Step Three

Since I have no time for a gym or the funds for expensive memberships, I study the routes to the laundromat, library, store and places that I go to routinely and walk. I carry groceries and laundry in a personal shopping cart as well as bags over my shoulders and my backpack. Junk food is far less attractive when you have to carry it for a mile to get it home.

During commercials on television, I get up and perform different easy exercises. I found a wide range of exercises to target every body part on UTube, free of charge. One day, I'll concentrate on my upper body and lower body the next. The challenge is a lot of fun.

Step Five

I hid the scale and left my tape measure alone for the first month. During the second month, I noticed my body had begun to change. While I didn't notice a big change in weight, I did notice that I felt better and my measurements were shrinking in the right places. In the third month, the weight lost was a total of 15 pounds while I had lost over an inch and a half off my abdomen and an inch off each thigh.

I tried on a pair of jeans that fit well last year and they were slightly baggy. I'm now determined to continue the diet, step up the exercise and lose more.

I haven't spent a dime on exercise equipment, special foods, memberships, powders or weight-loss products at all. In fact, my grocery bill has gone down and so has my weight. I'm sticking with this diet all the way.

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