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What is boysenberry – Health Benefits of boysenberry

Boysenberries are recognized for their typically large seeds and deep maroon colour. They are the cross breeds of raspberry, blackberry, dewberry, and Logan berry. The origin of boysenberry is still unknown but records show that a horticulturist named Rudolp Boysen combined dewberry and Logan berry, and resulted in Boysenberry. Thus the name is derived from its inventor. They are harvested during late spring and early summer. The fruits have sweet, acidic and a rich flavour, and are directly produced from the flowers. They have thin skin, soft pulp, and oval in size, and are used in cream, tarts, cake toppings, and pies. They prefer loamy and sandy soil and grow well under full sun. Boysenberries are mainly grown in New Zealand, making it the highest producer and exporter, and other parts of America especially in California and Oregon.

Health benefits

  • Boysenberries are rich in fiber that helps in the process of digestion and healthy bowel movements, reducing constipation.
  • The fiber intake also maintains the level of glucose in the body and the cholesterol lowering down the risks of diabetes and heart diseases.
  • It has significant amount of Folate and Vitamin B which aids in the proper functioning of the nervous system.
  • The Vitamin E & K content helps in the formation of blood and prevents bleeding disorders.
  • It has zero amount of fats and calories, and will fight against obesity and keep your energy high throughout the day.
  • They are considered good for skin and hair due to the presence of Vitamin C in them. They also increase the resistance power of the body.
  • The anthocyanins maintain a healthy brain tissues, improve memory, and prevent any cognitive disorders results due to aging.
  • It improves eye health and vision respectively.
  • It also cures kidney stones, osteoporosis, cancer, wounds, and inflammations.

Side effects

Boysenberries have no such side effects. But if any individual is allergic to raspberry or blackberry might develop mild allergic reaction in consuming them. Though the allergic reactions are nor permanent, but it is better to consult a general physician or doctor before having in large quantities.

Ways to prepare

The berries are used for various dishes including Boysenberry pie, berry cobbler with coconut walnut topping, boysenberry & apple crumble, boysenberry cheesecake, boysenberry vegan hamantaschen, boysenberry pavlovas, boysenberry chocolate brownie and others. Besides, they are good to use in fruit or green salads, smoothie, puree, and yogurt and are used over bread, muffins, cakes, ice-creams, and other desserts.


With the introduction of a new hybrid called “newberry” in the market, there has been a sharp fall in the popularity of the boysenberry. They are difficult to ship for their soft and delicate structure and the juices come out with mere pressure. They are highly perishable and start to decay after few days of harvest. They are marketed in local stores and are available either as processed products or fresh, canned and dried.

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