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What is ketosis

I often get asked what is ketosis. The human body has to be fueled for the energy we use like a car needs petrol. The human race has evolved from being hunter gathers to farming our food which in turn changed how we fueled our bodies. When we started farming our energy source began to be derived from carbohydrates obtained from the foods we grew. Carbohydrates get converted by the body into glucose to burn for energy. Ketosis takes us back to when the human race were hunter gathers and mainly fueled our bodies with ketones as this is the natural process the body uses to fuel itself firstly converting body fat via mainly the liver and also the kidneys into ketones then once all the body is not able to melt the fat as it's all dissipated it turns to the muscles to convert into ketones. You should not stay in ketosis if you have melted all your body fat.

What are ketones? Ketones are an alternative fuel source derived from body fat. To raise your ketone level and go into a state of ketosis all one needs to do is take away carbohydrates and sugar which in turn takes away the fuel glucose and forces the body to convert your body fat into ketones to use as fuel. The food that does not convert to glucose is protein that's why protein for fat loss as it keeps the body in ketosis. This is the most effective ways to lose weight with no exercise.

I have read you should only be in ketosis for fourteen days but after reading this I went to my doctor to discuss it also having a blood test because I was concerned I had had been in ketosis nearly eight weeks but he didn't seem concerned when the blood test results below showed nothing out of the ordinary or nothing that wasn't there in my blood test from two years before when not in ketosis.

Once fully transformed from glucose to ketones for energy ketosis was maintained easily because the process of transformation is a physiological change for the human body to go through taking seven weeks beginning to end, to transfer back would take time making it easy to maintain ketosis.

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