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Why Exercise Is Important for Weight Loss

Why Exercise Is Important for Weight Loss

Do you need to exercise to lose weight? You may even choose to starve to kick off those extra pounds! But, will that be feasible enough in the long run? Of course, that will lead to weakening of your immune system and physical health. Hence, starvation isn’t easy and definitely not recommended thing to do. Choosing to exercise has two advantages: keeps excess weight off/helps in losing weight and contributes to your well-being.

Any physical activity that strengthens your heart and lungs while contributing to burning calories can be termed as cardiovascular exercise. This is the most impressive form of work out with supreme benefits provided to your body. The practice of cardio exercises consists of a set of exercises such as running, swimming, push-ups, aerobics, and more. These are the exercises that help lose excess fat and strengthen your body. A balanced diet is recommended to be included when practicing cardio.

When looking to lose weight, it is important to realize that being on a diet does not necessarily mean eating food lower in energy content. What it basically indicates is to have food that is just below the energy required for an individual on a daily basis. The deficit in energy created thus causes your body to utilize the fat stored under the skin. In fact, exercising and weight loss is quite scientific. By calculating this energy deficit, you can manage your weight loss rate every day. It is easy to understand your daily calorific requirement by using calorie calculators available over the internet.

Planning to indulge into a weight loss regime does not mean that a balanced diet alone or exercising alone is the solution for great results. These two aspects go hand in hand for a swift weight loss routine that retains results for long. In fact, if you can create such a balance then managing your weight and overall well-being will become immensely simple. Many people tend to give an effort into weight loss. When you follow a suitable planning and make it a lifestyle, then the task becomes simpler.

A lot of people think that to get that toned and coveted body one has to starve or even eat less in order to aggravate weight loss. However, it has been proven that eating in small portions more times day can actually help you to exercise every day. Again, those who exercise regularly are not only fitter, but also have a healthier and longer life span.

Aerobic exercises for weight loss

It has been found that aerobics is the best form of exercising for weight loss. This kind of exercise reduces weight drastically without the need to compromise on food. But, care must be taken to choose healthier eating options more regularly so that the process gets faster. Aerobics stimulates the metabolic rate of the body and burns fat. Dieting leads to loss of fat and muscles; however, aerobics facilitates fat burn and building of muscles as well. Muscle tissues tend to burn more calories than fat tissues; hence the result of weight loss through aerobic exercising is more long-lasting.

A warm up before exercising and a cool down after the session is a must. Regular exercising for about 20-30 minutes three times a week is highly beneficial for the heart. It causes strengthening of the heart while facilitating pumping of oxygen-rich blood supply to various parts of the body. Hence, it not only helps in weight loss, but also prolongs your life and helps maintain a youthful appearance.

Strength training methods for weight loss

Strength training is a vital part of weight loss exercises. It is perfect for any age group and weights can be adjusted according to the resistance required. These exercises can be performed twice a week and help in building muscle mass. Aerobics and strength training together can be combined to create the best form of strength regimen. With such stimulation, it has been found that weight loss increases by 56%.

Work out methods for weight loss

Choose the exercise according to your interest and physical condition. There are a foray of weight loss exercises such as swimming, bicycling, steps, brisk walking, and more to achieve that perfect posture and tone your body as well. Combining or even alternating between them provides superior results.

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